NC State
Professional Writing Resources

1. Students will be able to write documents that address purposes, audiences, and conventions of professional contexts:

ENG 331: industrial, governmental, and applied research environments
ENG 332: business, nonprofit, and public organizations
ENG 333: the scientific community and its constituencies

2. Students will be able to recognize and construct effective arguments for a variety of audiences and to adapt these to the formats and conventions of professional documents and genres.

3. Students will be able to apply principles of document design and incorporate visual elements in order to meet the needs of different professional audiences.

4. Students will be able to construct presentations appropriate for professional audiences and to apply the principles of effective oral communication.

5. Students will be able to communicate effectively using electronic media appropriate to their professional fields.

6. Students will be able to participate effectively in the writing process by planning, drafting, reviewing, revising, and critiquing professional documents.

7. Students will be able to collaborate effectively in teams to create, review, and revise documents.

8. Students will be able to analyze and justify the persuasive strategies and professional conventions they use in their own writing.

9. Students will be able to describe ethical implications of communication situations in professional contexts.

10. Students will be able to locate, analyze, and use information appropriate for selected professional documents and communication tasks.

[Student Learning Outcomes Revised June 2004]