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Current ENG 331, 332, or 333 students at NC State:

Prior to conducting your interview, you will need to ask your interviewee to complete a brief survey. The survey is available here:

To collect your survey results:

  1. Email your interviewee the survey link (
  2. Once your interviewee completes the survey, he or she will see a one-page summary of the survey results. Ask your interviewee to Print or Save the results page and email it to you.
  3. Remember that you are required to include a copy of your transcript in the appendix of your final report.

Remember that there are two data-collection tools for the CIW report: (1) the survey and (2) the interview questions. Once your interviewee completes this survey, you and your interviewee will need to discuss the five interview questions (found in your Final Report Packet). Make sure to take notes during your interview, as you’ll share direct quotes from your interviewee in your final report.